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  • Session I: Eco-hydrological processes and vegetation patterns I (Chair Paolo D’Odorico):
  • Moshe Shachak: The role of plants as ecosystem engineers in controlling eco-hydrological processes and resilience to global changes
  • Max Rietkerk: Vegetation-environment feedbacks from local to global scales
  • Sonia Kefi: Assessing vegetation structure in Mediterranean drylands
  • Simone Fatichi: Vegetation as a filter of interannual climate variability
  • Paolo D’Odorico: Eco-hydrological patterns and processes induced by environmental fluctuations


  • Session II: Eco-hydrological processes and vegetation patterns II (Chair Roni Avissar):
  • Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe: Vegetation patterns in semiarid river basins: drivers of organization and
    metabolic implication
  • Ran Nathan: A connectivity-map approach to model plant invasive spread in heterogeneous environments
  • Sally Thompson: Evolution of vegetation spatial patterns in drylands: interaction of dispersal processes and climatic variation
  • Tal Svoray: Patch-size distribution and hydrological fluxes in real semiarid hillslopes
  • Amilcare Porporato: Sustainable use of soil and water resources in semiarid, managed ecosystems
  • How far are we from understanding the eco-hydrological processes that determine vegetation patterns?
    Amilcare Porporato - Chair, Paolo D’Odorico, Jost von Hardenberg


  • Session III: Flow processes and water regime (Chair Jean-Yves Parlange):
  • Jean-Yves Parlange: Infiltration in soils with a saturated surface
  • Dani Or: What controls evaporation dynamics from porous surfaces?
  • Jeffrey J. McDonnell: Two water worlds? Isotope evidence shows that trees and streams return different pools of water to the hydrosphere in seasonally-arid environments
  • Marc Parlange: Ecohydrology of the Savanna region in Burkina Faso
  • Shmuel Assouline: Impact of soil surface sealing on the ecohydrology of semiarid areas
  • Shai Sela: Water-vegetation feedbacks in sealed environments
  • Uri Shavit: Canopy edge flows
  • To harness the theory of flow processes to water available for vegetation
    Dani Or – Chair, Marc Parlange, John Selker
  • Session IV: Mathematical modeling in ecohydrology (Chair Antonello Provenzale):
  • Ehud Meron: Diversity and dynamics of water-limited vegetation landscapes: universal and non-universal aspects
  • Jost von Hardenberg: Vegetation patterns and evapotranspiration fluxes in drylands
  • Antonello Provenzale: Climate-vegetation interaction in water-limited environments
  • Hezi Yizhaq: The role of spatial heterogeneity of soil depth in vegetation pattern formation
  • Session V: Coupling water to carbon fluxes and biomass (Chair Dan Yakir):
  • Ram Oren: Spatiotemporal feedback between canopy conductance and soil moisture at the scale of individuals reflects native and imposed variation in canopy density
  • Dan Yakir: Contributions of soil properties tree hydraulics and leaf physiology to the ecohydrology of a semi-arid pine forest
  • Todd Scanlon: Flux-variance similarity theory applied to water vapor and carbon dioxide exchange in a semiarid ecosystem
  • Session VI: Novel experimental methods (Chair Maxim Shoshany):
  • John Selker: Observations of complex ecohydrologic processes at appropriate temporal and spatial scales with Fiber optics
  • Maxim Shoshany: Water use efficiency, patch pattern properties and biomass in shrublands across Mediterranean climatic gradient
  • Scott W. Tyler: The eco-hydrology of the devils hole pupfish: when the Ecology and the Hydrology won’t agree to the same story
  • Efrat Morin: Desert rain storms and flash floods: Insights gained from space-time characterization and modeling of convective rain cells
  • Confronting mathematical models with field observations
    Ehud Meron – Chair, Ignacio Rodríguez-Iturbe, Jeffrey McDonnell

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