Science night

During the event "Science night", scientists open the gates of their laboratories to families and mainly to kids in order to expose the research activities done in the University to the public. At the 22nd of September 2011, the GILAB has hosted a "Science night" event and provided to the public lectures on Geographic Information Systems and their applications to ecological processes and mainly to tree mortality due to drought effect. Attach are the two lectures (in Hebrew).

Lacture 1 | Lacture 2



Land degradation and geoinformation

On September 5-6, the GILAB have hosted a one-day conference and one-day field trip on the subject. The event was sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture, the Israeli Geographical Association and the University Authorities. The event hosted 160 participants and gave a comprehensive view on the activities of Israeli groups on the subject. A link to the site is provided including videos of all lectures.conferance site | conferance lectures on video





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