The Geographic Information Laboratory, focusing on landscape modeling, began at Ben-Gurion University in 2001. Today, the GI-Lab focuses primarily on computer-aided analysis of hydrological and ecological processes.

OUR MISSION is to advance the development and application of spatio-temporal modeling to better understand earth surface processes and mainly vegetation dynamics, soil hydrology and erosion. The Lab is also committed to graduate and post-graduate education of geographic information science.













GI-Lab facilities include hardware and software for image processing and geospatial analysis, as well as a wide array of ancillary and supporting equipment.

The foundation of the Lab is PC Desktop network connecting over 9 workstations and a server housing the mass storage devices and applications software. The Lab facilities also include a wide array of input-output devices as well as an array of data storage devices.

ARCGIS - ArcInfo
ERDAS Imagine (Including Orthobase Pro.)



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