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Emil Aladjem

PhD subject: Vector Based GIS for Spatio-Temporal Archaeological studies; detection of socio-cultural patterns within prehistoric site of Revadim.

MA subject: An Experimental Approach to Chalcolithic Sickle Blade Production:The Case of Beit-Eshel Workshop (Anthropological Archaeology at The Department of Bible, Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, under the supervision of prof. I. Gilead).

About Me: I am for more then twelve year s an employee of the Israel Antiquities Authority , as such I have took part or directed numerous archaeological excavations and surveys. In the early stages of my MA thesis studies I was introduced and studied the GIS and remote sense technologies technologies' which relevance and application to the archaeological research looks more then obvious. Since then I am using those technology in almost every aspect possible in the archaeological research. In my PhD research I will be using the, innovative to archaeological research, technique of surface networks. The surface network approach will be used here for extracting patterns of intra-site spatial distributions in order to find different activity areas and to study the relation between them and their stratigraphic context. This will provide a platform for better understanding the function of the site and the different activity areas within its borders, thus will give us a potent platform for detecting different patterns in early hominid behavior.  

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