Vol. 33 | 2013


Special Issue:Housing Policies for Ethnic Minorities in Developed Societies

Edited by David P. Varady and Rachel Katoshevski


Housing policies for ethnic ,minorities in developed societies: An editorial introduction

David P. Varady and Rachel Katoshevski

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Refugees and public housing redevelopment
Rachel Garshick Kleit and Lynne C. Manzo


The migration of indigenous peoples in the Canadian prairie context: Exploring policy and program implications to support urban movers
Jino Distasio, Gina Sylvestre and Elizabeth Wall-Wieler


Unintended effects of urban and housing policies on integration - “white” discontent in the Dutch city

Wouter van Gent and Sako Musterd


Smooth cohabitation in Amsterdam? The impact of increased tenure mix on overall neighborhood confidence
Lex Veldboer and Reinout Kleinhans


Who is afraid of a changing population? Reflections on housing policy in Rotterdam
Andrי Ouwehand and Wenda Doff


Moving into a disadvantaged tenure? Pathways into social housing
Ilan Wiesel and Hazel Easthope


Coping with a policy of non-recognition: Israeli Negev Bedouin housing practices
Steven C. Dinero


Housing transformation within urbanized communities: The Arab Palestinians in Israel

Rassem Khamaisi



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