Vol. 34 | 2014


Special Issue:The Effects of Sea Level Rise and Increased Storm Events

Edited by John Sheehan


The Effects of Sea Level Rise and Increased Storm Events: An Editorial Introduction

John Sheehan

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An Overview of the Coastal Management in the Planning System of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, at the Local Government Level: Is an Environmental Statutory Shift in Planning Law Overdue?
Andrew H. Kelly


‘They’ll be drownded in the tide.’ Reconsidering Coastal Boundaries in the Face of Sea-level Rise
Mick Strack


Coastal Communities under Threat: Comparing Property and Social Exposure
Michal Lichter and Daniel Felsenstein


What if (Inland) Sea Levels are Falling...Then Rising...Then Falling…? Climate Change and Shoreland Management on the Laurentian Great Lakes
Richard K. Norton, Lorelle A. Meadows and Guy A. Meadows


Climate Impacted Littoral Phenomena and Customary Property Rights
Franklin Obeng-Odoom and John Sheehan


Conflicting World Views: Disjuncture between Climate Change Knowledge, Land Use Planning and Disaster Resilience in Remote Indigenous Communities in Northern Australia
Ed Wensing, Sharon Harwood, Deanne Bird and Katharine Haynes


Obsolescence Arising from the Transformation of Property Rights Due to the Effect of Sea Level Rise: A Property Economics Perspective
Garrick Small


A Sunburnt Country – Storms, Surges and Sea Levels: Of Insurance and Flooding Rains

Lucy Cradduck and John Teale



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